Love your Applicants this Valentine’s Day

Love your Applicants on Valentines Day

This Valentine’s Day we’re going to take you through the applicant journey and give you a perspective of all the different areas you could really impress your applicants. There’s so much more to the applicant journey than just the bit where they submit their details to you. Loving your applicants throughout the whole recruitment process will provide measurable benefits to your organisation - more about this later.

Firstly, let’s just consider why it’s important to love your applicants:

  • Applicants can be brand advocates – they will spread the word about their experience with don’t want a negative experience being the talk of the town!
  • Applicants have their own circles – they have friendship/peer groups that they may well recommend – or not. Remember, they are 7 times more likely to spread a bad word than a good word if their experience with you isn’t positive.
  • The chances are that applicants won’t reapply or transact with your business in any way if you have provided a poor experience.
  • A bad experience may suggest that you don’t care about your staff too – and this is obviously not attractive to applicants at all.

All of the above points refer to a ‘poor’ or ‘bad’ experience so before continuing let’s just cover what this entails. A bad experience in the application process could range from an ambiguous/poorly written job advert, a tedious application process, lack of communication, inflexibility in the interview process, lack of preparation, changing your mind or just generally a slow process. Any of these things in isolation or combination leave the applicant with a negative view of your brand – this is a bad experience.

Considering the applicant journey then, here are the main areas you could show more love to your applicants, and who knows, a budding relationship may develop.

The Job Advert

As the first point of contact with your company, your job advert needs to be representative of you. It’s not just about attracting applicants but also considering what you can do to be attractive to them. Don’t forget job hunting is a competitive sport – it’s not just job seeker against job seeker but company against company.It needs to explain the role and the requirements as well as telling people why they should work for you over a competitor.

In this respect, you ought to consider both parties: Is the advert true to you? Does it reflect your company, benefits and values? And does the advert give all the relevant information needed to apply for the role? There’s nothing more frustrating to an applicant than having a whole host of questions about the job at the end of the advert. You want to give them the confidence to apply, knowing it is what they’re looking for.

The Application Process 

The application process in this instance refers to the method in which the applicant gets their details to you. Think carefully about what you’d expect in this process...would you prefer a simple submit a CV and cover letter? Would you be prepared to complete an application form? How long are you willing to spend on it? Put yourself in the applicant’s shoes, if you won’t do it - the chances are neither will they.

Keep it simple and keep it brief, you have plenty of time later in the process to gather further information if needed.

The Communication 

Communicating with your applicants cannot be stressed enough! Here we are talking about basic things such as we have received your CV, your CV is now under review, you are invited to interview or you are unsuccessful. Post-interview feedback also falls into this category. This is one of the main things applicants complain about again and again and it is actually the biggest part of the journey that you are in full control of.

Not only are the applicants happy knowing where they stand and that they’re not forgotten, but you can create more time in your working day too - knowing that your days aren’t going to be spent answering chaser calls and emails.

Considering these three aspects in the recruitment process could do wonders for your brand, and your hiring opportunities! It’s important to remember that your employees are an important asset to your company, treat them no less than you’d treat your customers. Of course, you should also love your employees too – why not check out our previous blog about employee engagement and motivation here.

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