A Guide For The SME: Keeping Staff Engaged During The Euros & Holiday Season

Staff engagement for holiday season

Score! Euro 2016 is here but how is this going to affect the working world during this time? From 10th June to 10th July we’re anticipating an increased amount of sickness absence and some staff disengagement during this period.

But the SME doesn’t have to suffer, Acas, like us, have been thinking of ways to get the best out staff during this football frenzy. Flexible working comes in really handy, here are some of the ways you could keep your staff happy and engaged during the Euros:


Annual leave – try to be flexible with allowing staff time off during this period...and perhaps bend the rules a little for allowing multiple staff off at once for half days perhaps (no one likes to watch the match alone!) 

Flexible hours – you might allow employees to come into work sooner or finish later on the agreement they make up the time 

Use of media channels – letting staff listen to the radio, watch TV, go on social media or access sports websites during office hours will boost their morale about being at work during the sporting event (NB: you may need a TV licence etc.)

Competitions – Why not use this event as a positive motivator? You could create incentives for overachieving sales targets or SLAs/ KPIs etc. and the reward would be time off to watch the match(s)

Don’t forget to also include those who are not interested in football. What can you do for them to make sure that they get the same benefits? They will probably be the ones who have to pull in extra weight whilst the matches are on...

As an SME ourselves we are really embracing the Euro 2016 (just like we do with all major events.) In addition to our Euro 2016 client offer (ask your Account Manager for more details) we have competitions for all staff and flexible working arrangements in place. Those not interested in football will remain in the office but get similar flexibilities for their personal interests. We also include them in competitions and reward fairly. 

Being flexible with your employees isn’t something only big businesses can afford. Unplanned absence can cost you a lot more than a few hours of managed absence. By planning, talking to your employees and thinking a little bit creatively you not only have the opportunity to maximise the work output, but the relationship between yourself and your staff will also improve, as it will be clear that you are fair and that you care about their interests. This relationship will ultimately increase productivity levels throughout the year as the old saying goes: a happy workforce is a productive workforce.